Do you need an MBA?

Aug, 26, 2007

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I am not in the business of telling anyone that they need an MBA, only in helping committed applicants get in. Frankly I think one of my strengths as an MBA admissions consultant is that I am neutral about this question because I don’t believe that an MBA is always worthwhile or even necessarily the best option for graduate school.If someone says to me, “Should I get an MBA?” my response usually goes like like this:

“I can’t answer that question for you, but here are some questions you need to ask yourself:
1. If you obtained an MBA, how would it impact you personally and professionally?
2. Why do your professional goals require an MBA?
3. Do you really want to spend one to two years back in school?
4. How will you pay for an MBA?
5. Are you ready to commit yourself to the application process?
6. Have you really thought about the opportunity cost involved, not only in money, but in time?
7. Have you calculated the ROI (Click here for the Businessweek MBA ROI calculator.)?
8. Are you sure this is the right degree for you? Have you thought about more specialized degrees or training?
9. How much do you know about MBA programs?
10. What schools are you planning to apply to? Why?

You need to answer the questions above because doing so will help you assess whether you really need an MBA. Additionally, once you have answered them, you will have a good initial basis for handling MBA essays and interviews. If you are not satisfied with your own answers to these questions, you need to think more deeply and do more research. ”

In my experience, people who take the time to fully consider their options make the right decisions. If they decide to pursue an MBA, they do it from a position of strength.
-Adam Markus

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