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Admitted to an MBA program for 2016 entry? Complete a survey and win a prize!

Apr, 13, 2016

Could you spare a few minutes to complete a survey?  I’m a member of AIGAC, The Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants. In June, we will hold our annual conference in Cambridge at HBS, Harvard Kennedy School, and MIT Sloan. While there, we will begin discussions of the survey. Further into the summer, we will [...]


IMD MBA Application Essays for 2017 Admission

Apr, 12, 2016

In this post, I discuss the application essays for 2017 admission to IMD.  There have been changes to the short goals questions, but the three main essay questions have not changed from 2016. While IMD had rather significant staff turnover in 2014, which I discuss here, I still highly recommend reading my February 2014 and September 2012 interviews with IMD’s [...]


Thoughts on the MBA Application Season 2015-2016 and Beyond

Apr, 11, 2016

With the results from MIT Sloan for Round 2 now in, I wanted to give my quick take on this past season.  For me personally, I worked with a reduced number of clients from the previous year because I was focusing on my part-time degree studies at INSEAD, so I had a somewhat lower headcount [...]


My Executive Education Journey at INSEAD

Mar, 29, 2016

Last month I completed the modules for my Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change at INSEAD. I began the program in September 2014 and will graduate after writing my thesis (ongoing) in October 2016.  Regular readers of this blog perhaps noticed a reduced level of posting over the last year and a half. [...]


MBA Applicants: Waiting for interview invites? Start your interview preparation now!

Jan, 17, 2016

Are you waiting for MBA application interview invitations?  Now is the time to start your preparation. For my detailed suggestions on overall interview preparation, please see: -MBA Application Interview Strategy -Interview Practice is ABOUT SPEAKING! -Further Comments on MBA Admissions Interviews  -General Characteristics of Admissions Officers, Students, and Alumni Interviewers -Recovering from a bad answer [...]


Yes, you really should write your own MBA admissions essays!

Nov, 19, 2015

As an MBA admissions consultant, I help clients with their B-school applications. I advise on essays. I sometimes edit essays. I don’t write essays. I believe in helping applicants use their own own voice. I always thought this was the right thing to do and that ghostwritten essays were not only unethical, but highly risky [...]


Top of the Ecosystem: Why Top 10 MBA Applicants Should Apply to HBS

Nov, 15, 2015

Every year I have clients who get rejected from HBS and get admitted to other top MBA programs.  This year has been no different.  One of those who was rejected in R1 and offered an interview at another Top 10 business school asked me if it had been a waste of time to apply to [...]


Preparing for Wharton Interviews for the Class of 2018

Nov, 05, 2015

In this post, I discuss how to prepare for Wharton Interviews for fall 2016 entry. My post on Wharton’s essays for the Class of 2018, can be found here.   There are two parts to the Wharton interview, the team-based interview and one-to-one interview.  Each part can be prepared for. I am assuming anyone who is [...]


If you get an HBS interview invite…

Oct, 06, 2015

If you get an HBS interview invite…   The most important thing to do is quickly decide when and where you want to interview.   Spaces at all the hub interview sites tend to fill up early, so if you are not planing to come for a campus interview, reserve your space as soon as [...]


How to Prepare for MIT Sloan MBA Admissions Interviews

Sep, 30, 2015

In this post, which is significantly updated, I discuss how to prepare for an MIT Sloan MBA admissions interview. If you have been invited to interview for the Class of 2018, this post is for you!     Beyond my 18 comprehensive service clients admitted to MIT Sloan since Fall 2008 entry (I began my own consulting [...]


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